January 14th, 2009

Wednesday Morning

I've been working on my comic book. I have some ideas on how to execute the next two issues, different from what I've done before. Once I have the script done, I'm going to change how I do the art. I think I'll try to produce 2 pages a week and post them to my site. It seems to me comics develop audiences on the web by consistently, slowly releasing work. So I'm going to go that way. Also once I get started on the art it will pressure me to keep going, and also I won't get caught up some of the doldrums of art production, like when I'm inking page after page. Instead it will be like 2 pages at a time.

This will make a slightly disjointed book in the end but improvements and style changes will be more fun to track.

one thing I vacillate on is needless character narrative... i mean like thought bubbles so the audience has a clearer sense of what Dat thinks. I could also use it as a trope to fill in the gaps, give out lots of insight and info.

ultimate eye of insight, is this best? or is a mysterious character whose inner workings are unrevealed better able to lure the audience in to a mystical state of mind?

My inner artist is saying "KEEP YOUR SECRETS" but my inner capitalist is saying people buy up confessional material where characters divulge their entire persona.