January 21st, 2009

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Hey check this out, from a Red 7 show in December:

The audio quality could be better... oh well. The weird thing is I think the camera mics got better sound than the feed off the sound board.

We played a show last night at Carousel Lounge. I didn't bill this one as hard because I pushed Creekside on people hard core and thought they could use a break. Zaffer had a sudden case of pnemonia so it was bass-less. "These accusations are bass-less".

It was full of fuck ups but it was an exciting show and people were real quick to talk us up about our shtick. Candace, Reed and I went to an after party too, had a good time w/ strangers, and we met their haunted painting. Bridge Farmers, one of the bands we played with, was talking about us playing at Mohawks with them. I'd like that, I think Mohawks is a sweet venue.

Bridge Farmers were pretty cool, you can check them out at www.myspace.com/bridgefarmers