January 30th, 2009

The Adventures of Dat Williams #4 page 2

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I've been going at this Adam and Eve myth and there some good stuff in it
Fromm says the state of loving is to be in the Garden of Eden
Campbell says its a patriarchal rejection of a conquered near-east mysticism
Campbell always loves mystics
Stephen says

any person's life. you start out completely ignorant, and therefor innocent, in your childhood (naked). you start learning the names of things. you learn to follow the rules you're given, not to do certain things. you start questioning the things you were told. you learn consequences for your actions. you're not ignorant and can be blamed for your actions. then you learn that nakedness, representing innocence, is shameful and 'cover up', or dress in the clothes of your personality. distinguish yourself from others. all this fruit of new knowledge can only lead to one thing, punishment and guilt for past mistakes. from then on you want to go back to your childish innocence where everything was simple and free, but you can't, it's a one-way street.
i guess maybe the male/female relationship is the internal conflict of activity vs. passivity and all the other masculine/feminine archetypes.

And there's another read where they are kids having sex (the serpent maybe Adam's penis) and consequences descend on them: suddenly Adam must work his whole life and Eve must have pain in birth... first thing they mention... awkward teenage kids not wanting to be seen nude.
And then there's the literal.
I think all five are true... well not the literal

There's another peripheral character. In the medieval ages a Hebrew scholar posited Lilith as Adam's first wife, made at the same time he initially was, thus explaining the two creation myth and making Adam a once divorced anti-hero. I also have this growing suspicion that in ancient times your wife or husband was the last person you slept with.