datwilliams (datwilliams) wrote,

I got a really big SXSW high

and definitely didn't want it to go. Tomorrow I have a gig at a bar called Jiggers in San Antonio which is supposedly a rat-hole. Yay! lol I saw Metallica! easily, easily the world's greatest performing rock band. And man, did they ever rock it. Austin, TX Rules!

And with my badge, people just waved me in to the concert, and I got killer seating. Later we saw some great groups at Beauty Bar. During SXSW I've learned that the stage in the parking lot behind beauty bar is a guaranteed great place to see bands I like, the last 2 years. Whenever I don't know what to do I go there. All through out this week I saw so many cool acts, like Peter Murphy (former singer of Bauhaus), Wallpaper and Ebony Bones. Later, I'm going to try to link all the good bands to their myspace's here. Friday night at Beauty Bar someone stole a bottle of vodka from the bar and we were all chugging it in the crowd. Nice

Elysium was a great venue to work, I was right when I chose it.

Nobody I saw would of blown me off stage, I come out of this festival with a chip on my shoulder. I should be rocking these stages.

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