datwilliams (datwilliams) wrote,

My SXSW experience, relived on YouTube

haha youtube rules

All of these are shows I was at, usually pretty close to where the camcorder is - behind cut


Wallpaper - AWESOME but the recording is not as good

Parenthetical Girls - Unbelievably my bandmates were actually doing the camera work on this one

The Awesome Continues with Ebony Bones

Peter Murphy (former singer of Bauhaus)

Iceland Dance Music from Steed Lord

That Petroleum Emotion

I'd like to find something for colin monroe but he impromptu played with a new band and I can't find anything on youtube.

Aqualung is clearly very good but I don't go in for singer-song writer piano driven happy sounding music. This guy sounds like he's never screwed someone else over, on purpose or not. Just a real nice guy I wouldn't trust

Metallica, the mother of all SXSW secret shows. I'm using this vid cause it's about where I stood, 15 back from the front of the stage

These guys have a cute happy sound but they were pretty fun never the less


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