datwilliams (datwilliams) wrote,

Dat Williams Comics Issue 4 page 10

What a busy last two weeks, weddings, SXSW, my own shows, and my love affair with music and wine. Go look at the shows I attended in the previous post! Behind Cut!

Rest of the Comic Here!

Thanks y'all

Some weirdness - my Mom dug up a book on one of our ancestors, names Watt Tyler. Very relevent to me as an American, he led the 1st English peasant rebellion against the goverment of England in the 1300s. I have a lot of thoughts on that war and things I've learned on freedom. What's odd is that the book is called "When Adam delved and Eve span" which surpised me. My story I'm telling here is true story of Adam & Eve.

"When Adam delved and Eve span" is some sort of song lyric, apparently

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